Inclusive Resource on Sensorimotor Child Development for Parents and Teachers

Eye-Hand Coordination


We use our eyes to move and perform most activities.  Even the simple task of walking requires guidance from the eyes.  When we work with our hands, visual attention is key.

We may do certain activities without looking once we’ve repeated them many times and it becomes a habit.  When learning new skills, careful monitoring by the eyes is necessary. Similarly, when playing a sport, learning to play an instrument or any other complicated activity,  guidance of the eyes is critical to success.


  • Eye hand coordination spans sophisticated athletic activities such as basketball, baseball, tennis and practically any sport you can think of (Substitute Eye-Foot for running and soccer)
  • Eye hand coordination is also critical for pre-academic skills such as writing/drawing
  • Daily living tasks such as dressing and using a fork
  • Most play requires guidance from the eyes as well

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Elementary School and Beyond



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