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Potting up Presents


While May and June are packed with fun, the “To Do List” runs on and on.  Graduations, birthdays, Father’s Day and the “End of the Year Gift” for EVERYONE.  When you have one child this list might be manageable but multiply the offsprings by 2 or 4 active children and the list looks more like […]

Tricks from the Experts

IMG_2528 2

The “Sustainability,” “Whole Foods,” “Locavore,”  “Buy local…organic,” etc. is a relatively new exciting buzz in our food world.  When I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I became a convert.  The Kingsolver family took a 12 month challenge to eat ONLY foods grown within a 50 mile radius of their small family farm in Virginia. […]

“If you teach a man to fish…...


May is a crazy month for most of us.  End of school parties…projects…grading…barbecues…sports…the list goes on and on.  And that’s just the START for a farmer.  There are many tasks to accomplish and the calendar does not wait for a free day or nice weather. This past week, the school garden had a long list […]

Flower Bombs to Create a Beautiful &#...


We’ve all had our share of rainy days this spring.  So, what to do when the temperature plummets (yet again), the wind whips and rain drums against the windows?  I squeezed into three layers of clothes,  dreading  my three hours in the raw, biting cold.  Happily upon arrival,  I discovered that Stephanie, our expert farmer, […]

Eating Greens!


How often have your kids turned their noses up to new foods-especially when they hear “Vegetable?” One of the major benefits of having children grow food: when  they grow it they tend to try it.  AND they usually like what they eat! We did a straw poll in each class over the past several weeks […]

It’s All About the Dirt…


With a cheshire cat smile, a third grade girl held up both hands and said, “I have dirty hands!” Her friend chimed in, “That’s part of gardening-getting dirty!” Temperatures may still hover in  the uncomfortable 40 degree (F) range with a biting cold wind, but  the garden cries out for food and care, so the […]

Advanced Spinners: To Strengthen Pinc...

Advanced Spinners: To Strengthen Pincer Grasp and More!

Even though my children are grown up, no mater where I travel, I always find my way to the toy stores to look for new, interesting toys.  Museum shops have the best!  I discovered this Spinner at The General Store in Vermont during a ski trip.  It’s harder than is looks and captivates the interest […]

Salad Spinner Artwork

Salad Spinner Artwork

This project uses the spinner in the classroom.  It is a great way to incorporate art and science into one fun activity! Benefits: The spinner provides a fascinating visual experience.  This helps draw children’s visual attention to the activity. Placing the greens into the bowl helps develop eye hand skills and stimulates touch receptors.  For younger children position both […]

Sponge-Stencil Art

Sponge-Stencil Art

I love when I find an activity that works for all ages.  With the right amount of help even the littlest hands can manage this simple project.  It is easy to do and materials are inexpensive. Benefits: The sponge should be held between the thumb, pointer and middle fingers.  This strengthens the muscles used for […]

Spring Artwork

Spring Artwork

  When beauty meet utility we have a perfect creation! There are so many great things going on (developmentally speaking) as a child “creates” this work of art. Introduce concepts of science and you have a block buster learning experience!     For example: Collecting specimens on nature walks Learning the concepts of “natural dyes) […]



I have recently learned that an excellent source for potassium is found in the skins or outer layer of a carrot.  So, I’m not sure you want to peel off all that nutrition.  However, carrots also are easy to hold and are a terrific introduction to peeling for younger children. When it comes to teaching […]

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