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Flower Bombs to Create a Beautiful &#...


We’ve all had our share of rainy days this spring.  So, what to do when the temperature plummets (yet again), the wind whips and rain drums against the windows?  I squeezed into three layers of clothes,  dreading  my three hours in the raw, biting cold.  Happily upon arrival,  I discovered that Stephanie, our expert farmer, […]

There’s More Dirt


I remember staying at my Nana’s all weekend while my parents had their “adult time…”  I loved going  because she let me climb into her bed to watch Lawrence Welk with a Seven-up ice-cream float. The show was pretty boring but to sip ice-cream from a straw in bed was divine. The thing is, she […]

There’s More than One Way to St...


We’ve been talking about soil and planting the seeds.  Happily, with nutritious soil, care in watering and “some” sun,  our little pea seedlings are poking out of the ground and beginning to stretch for the sky.  Miraculous, considering temperatures still hover around freezing and clouds fill most of our days this spring! The 6th graders […]

Eating Greens!


How often have your kids turned their noses up to new foods-especially when they hear “Vegetable?” One of the major benefits of having children grow food: when  they grow it they tend to try it.  AND they usually like what they eat! We did a straw poll in each class over the past several weeks […]

It’s All About the Dirt…


With a cheshire cat smile, a third grade girl held up both hands and said, “I have dirty hands!” Her friend chimed in, “That’s part of gardening-getting dirty!” Temperatures may still hover in  the uncomfortable 40 degree (F) range with a biting cold wind, but  the garden cries out for food and care, so the […]

Children’s Garden: Getting Star...


  Pockets of snow are still tucked here and there around the northeast (and maybe the south?!?) but the calendar marches on.  That means seed planting time has arrived. The Children’s Garden kicks off the year with an enthusiastic discussion about seeds. We learned that popcorn (a seed) pops because it has a lot of […]

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