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“If you teach a man to fish…...


May is a crazy month for most of us.  End of school parties…projects…grading…barbecues…sports…the list goes on and on.  And that’s just the START for a farmer.  There are many tasks to accomplish and the calendar does not wait for a free day or nice weather. This past week, the school garden had a long list […]



Several years ago I read an article  that noted the decline in children’s ability to crawl.  In the report, pediatricians said perhaps they had overstated the importance of crawling, and it was a developmental milestone that could be jettisoned from the books.   NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Crawling is really important.  When physical therapists and I sat at child […]

Obstacle Courses


When my oldest was six and the twins were two we traveled to Europe for my husband’s sebbatical.  At this point one might think-what were we thinking?!  We were given a lovely home in the country with a garden, so the children could run around.  One hitch- there were no electronic devises in the house-no […]

Jumping Rope


It amazes me that almost every girl in my second grade class (probably 20) waited in line to jump rope during recess.  On a good day we may have had three turns during that precious thirty minute break.  There was no adult telling us to do this.  It’s just what we did. We didn’t do […]

Bike Riding for Preschool and Beyond

Bike Riding for Preschool and Beyond

I have a sister five years older than me and in my formative years I spent most of my time trying to “catch up” to her. That may be why I learned to ride a two wheeler at three years of age.  Having safe sidewalks and uncluttered days to practice at my leisure surely helped […]

Bike Riding Basics for Babies and Tod...

Bike Riding Basics for Babies and Toddlers

OK, so a baby isn’t going to mount a two wheeler…not even a trike.  But there are many activities that engage little ones so they’re all set to go once they get big enough to straddle a ride toy! I highlight bicycle riding not because it is a favorite of mine (which it is) but […]



Swimming is one of the primary motor skills every human being should acquire.  Why?  It may save your life some day. So how do you go about teaching your child to swim?  There are many excellent swimming programs available and this site does not intend to be an exhaustive guide in swimming skill development.  As […]

Scooters and Plungers

Scooters and Plungers

It is always fun to see the reaction of children when I pull out a plunger to play with.  Even at a very young age, children acquire a sense of place – and plungers belong in the toilet, certainly not in the gross motor room.  After I assure them that the plunger I use has […]

Crab Walking

Crab Walking

Some people say I’m lucky because I never had to spend a lot of money on a “professional wardrobe.”  If I had to give one reason why I couldn’t indulge myself in stylish skirts and dresses I’d sum it up in two words:  “Crab Walking.”  As a “go to” activity for trunk strengthening and improving […]

Tubes to Make the Arms, Wrists and Ha...

Tubes to Make the Arms, Wrists and Hands Strong

This is an inexpensive toy that children love. I love this toy too! Each Christmas our family was invited to a wonderful party.  As the years passed, our friends’ children grew up and started having children of their own.  Lots of them.  I wanted to bring gifts for all the grandchildren.  I purchased red and […]

Blanket Roll-Ups: Fun for Trunk Rotat...

Blanket Roll-Ups: Fun for Trunk Rotation Strength and Organization

  I work with children of all shapes, sizes and areas of difficulty.  “Blanket Roll-Ups” is an activity all children love!  It is simple and requires nothing more than a favorite blanket, a carpeted floor (or mat) and a caregiver’s strong arms. Benefits: This activity taps into all sensory areas so it is a hugely […]

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