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Crab Walking

Crab Walking

Some people say I’m lucky because I never had to spend a lot of money on a “professional wardrobe.”  If I had to give one reason why I couldn’t indulge myself in stylish skirts and dresses I’d sum it up in two words:  “Crab Walking.”  As a “go to” activity for trunk strengthening and improving […]

Blanket Roll-Ups: Fun for Trunk Rotat...

Blanket Roll-Ups: Fun for Trunk Rotation Strength and Organization

  I work with children of all shapes, sizes and areas of difficulty.  “Blanket Roll-Ups” is an activity all children love!  It is simple and requires nothing more than a favorite blanket, a carpeted floor (or mat) and a caregiver’s strong arms. Benefits: This activity taps into all sensory areas so it is a hugely […]

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