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I am always looking for new ways to incorporate interesting drawing with the arduous task of learning how to draw diagonal lines, which are very difficult to learn!  After children begin to draw rudimentary oblique lines,  the next step is to draw diagonals in several directions and spatially accurate. Drills are boring.  Scary spiders are […]

Push Pin Pumpkins


Benefits: When the push pin is held correctly, the muscles required for grasping a pencil are strengthened. Both hands are used, thereby building the habit to use two hands while working. Visual attention is required to make sure the pin is exactly on the line. Dots should be close together, so simple spatial planning/reasoning is […]

Scary Cats!


I try to maximize on the exuberance children exude as Halloween approaches.  The late Stanley Greenspan said, “Kids need to become emotionally involved to learn.”  No better way to teach challenging skills and concepts than wrapping them in a cloak (no dagger) of intrigue,  a touch of “scary” and fun! So I teach kids to […]

Leaf Drawing Activity


Leaf Collecting is a time honored tradition of childhood.  Shuffling though piles of leaves and searching for the most beautiful specimens can be a delight for children.  Bending over to pick up each spied treasure and making a bouquet of the collection can easily fill an afternoon.  Here are some benefits of leaf collecting: Visual focus:  […]

Motor Play to Enhance Growth in the C...


Come Join me in New York! The pages of this website are filled with ideas on how and why sensory motor play helps children learn, behave and generally lead healthier, happier lives.  I am happy to announce that I will be giving a day long intensive workshop in NY this November at Bank Street College […]

No More Worksheets for Me!

IMG_2900 2

As the school year ends, parents and teachers are always asking me how to help their children with handwriting.  Especially  as the “Summer Activities” get doled out. I can’t think of a bigger kill joy than asking a six year old to sit inside and copiously copy letters and complete hand writing drills.  Moving the […]

Creating Signs


The School Garden is thriving and the students want to broadcast their success!  What better way than to make signs that add color and easy to read labels so all can see and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We decided to have the older grades embark on this project, giving them the opportunity to […]

Dot Art

Dot Art

Parents and teachers frequently ask, “What’s the best way to introduce drawing and writing?”  My knee jerk response: “Throw away the pencils and workbooks!” Exploration through a variety of mediums is a great way to get a child loving the creative process of drawing and eventually writing. Dot art is a perfect way to start […]

Sponge-Stencil Art

Sponge-Stencil Art

I love when I find an activity that works for all ages.  With the right amount of help even the littlest hands can manage this simple project.  It is easy to do and materials are inexpensive. Benefits: The sponge should be held between the thumb, pointer and middle fingers.  This strengthens the muscles used for […]



Ever wonder why every preschool, kindergarten and first grade have a myriad of cut and paste projects?  There are so many integrating skills that develop when using scissors.  In a perfect world, early childhood programs would throw away all the pencils and have the students cut out strips of paper and combine to form all […]

Shaving Cream: A Tactile Extravaganza...

Shaving Cream: A Tactile Extravaganza!

Long ago I was an “Itinerant Therapist.”  This meant that I traveled to children’s homes to work with them, lugging all my equipment and bag of trick with me.  I will always be exceedingly grateful to the many families who opened their homes week after week for me to”play” with their children.  The forbearance and […]

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