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The nerves for KINESTHESIA are located in the MUSCLES.

When the muscles stretch and contract these nerves send messages up to the brain. Along with directing motor responses, the Kinesthetic System also activates both inhibitory and activation nerves in the brain.

  • Inhibitory means the signals sent to the brain when we move help to ignore some stimuli bombarding the brain that we don’t need to pay attention to.
  • Activation means that this movement also has an alerting or energizing component.

That is why when we stretch, we get energized and focus better!   Think 7th Inning Stretch at baseball games.

Essentially any activity that requires movement activates this system. The more muscles activate…the more organizing, energizing stimulation occurs in the brain!

Links to Activities that incorporate movements that really stretch the muscles, waking up the body and mind:



Bike riding


Crab walking

Wheelbarrow Walking

Jump rope



Walking and  Running


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