Inclusive Resource on Sensorimotor Child Development for Parents and Teachers

Vestibular Activities for Babies


The Vestibular System has a pervasive and critical influence over

  • Sensory Processing
  • Over all brain development

It is important that babies have plenty of this input.  Obviously you are not going to strap a baby into a roller-coaster seat!  So, how do we go about giving babies plenty of this stimuli in a healthy, safe way?

We intuitively know what babies need.  We bounce them and we rock them. These motions all stimulate the vestibular system.  There are ways to tweak the system even more. Many parents already do this, and it leads to flexible confident children!

Like all activities, these should be introduced gradually.  Observe the baby’s reaction*.  If a smile breaks out, you know you are on to something great and you can add a little more umph.



Lap Dancing*






Lap Sit-ups*

Working hard and having fun with Mom's undivided attention!





Baby Swings






Lifting Baby Up!






*ALWAYS be sure to provide adequate head support. The babies pictured here are slightly older so they do not need additional support.  When trying these out on very young infants, be sure to cradle and support the head and gentle motion is provided.


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