Inclusive Resource on Sensorimotor Child Development for Parents and Teachers

Elementary School and Beyond

JCJ:climbing wall

Skilled motor control develops at this stage.

  • Children are taught the basics in how to throw properly for specific sports (baseball, softball, la crosse , etc.).
  • Footwork for designated athletic challenges (tennis, dance, soccer, skating, etc.).
  • Skill training in the proper use  of equipment, which are extensions of the hands,  can begin in earnest.  This includes mitts, hockey/lacrosse/field hockey sticks, racquets, golf clubs and bats.

Coaching in specific sports for skill development is appropriate at this time.  Be sure to notice if the child automatically uses both hands in a fluid way, or if a reminder is frequently required.  If so, return to bilateral play (refer to younger age groups) to reinforce the automatic use of two hands.


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