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A Shining Star!

A Shining Star!

In our youth oriented culture, getting older tends to herald the decline of bodily functions and a wistful outlook, with memories of good times receding in the past. The silver lining of growing older, is that you get to witness how things turn out. In my case, I get to hear about the kids I […]

Push Pin Pumpkins


Benefits: When the push pin is held correctly, the muscles required for grasping a pencil are strengthened. Both hands are used, thereby building the habit to use two hands while working. Visual attention is required to make sure the pin is exactly on the line. Dots should be close together, so simple spatial planning/reasoning is […]

Leaf Drawing Activity


Leaf Collecting is a time honored tradition of childhood.  Shuffling though piles of leaves and searching for the most beautiful specimens can be a delight for children.  Bending over to pick up each spied treasure and making a bouquet of the collection can easily fill an afternoon.  Here are some benefits of leaf collecting: Visual focus:  […]

Exercise Ball Games to Increase Back ...

Exercise Ball Games to Increase Back Strength

Big, colorful exercise balls are a staple of gyms and therapeutic settings.  Because of the dynamic nature of balls (they roll), more core work is required to stay on the ball. The muscles necessary for balancing get into the act.  That’s why trainers and therapist have used them for years.  Children like them because they […]

Card Games for all $3


Back in prehistoric times (that is before electronic devices…) I spent large swaths of my summer vacation figuring out how to spend my time.  When I had early morning trips to the park and the purchase power to buy “GIMP,”  I’d spend the afternoon covering wire hangers decoratively with the plastic laces or making perfectly […]



Several years ago I read an article  that noted the decline in children’s ability to crawl.  In the report, pediatricians said perhaps they had overstated the importance of crawling, and it was a developmental milestone that could be jettisoned from the books.   NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Crawling is really important.  When physical therapists and I sat at child […]

Wheelbarrow Walking


I did this with my three children when they were very young while we prepared for a bath.  Each had a turn going down the hall and back. They loved it and because we tacked it onto a task done every day we never forgot to enjoy our “wheelbarrow workout!” Wheelbarrow walking is something you […]

GAK: A Tactile Extravaganza

GAK: A Tactile Extravaganza

  One of my colleagues takes one look at GAK and wants to puke…definitely sensory issues going on.  While I personally have some real tactile hypersensitivities, I am fascinated by the textural experience GAK provides. This big blue blob feels wet, cold and gooey.  But it’s actually dry and not very messy.  It has a […]

Dot Art

Dot Art

Parents and teachers frequently ask, “What’s the best way to introduce drawing and writing?”  My knee jerk response: “Throw away the pencils and workbooks!” Exploration through a variety of mediums is a great way to get a child loving the creative process of drawing and eventually writing. Dot art is a perfect way to start […]

Trigger Toys: Strengthening one Finge...

Trigger Toys: Strengthening one Finger at a Time

Good fine motor dexterity requires each finger to get fairly strong and be able to move in several directions with ease.   The perfect motion to strengthen the pointer finger is pulling a trigger.  This posed a big problem for me.  I did not allow my own children to play with guns (OK so my […]

Advanced Spinners: To Strengthen Pinc...

Advanced Spinners: To Strengthen Pincer Grasp and More!

Even though my children are grown up, no mater where I travel, I always find my way to the toy stores to look for new, interesting toys.  Museum shops have the best!  I discovered this Spinner at The General Store in Vermont during a ski trip.  It’s harder than is looks and captivates the interest […]

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